Braiding with oil

When you use light products in your natural hair, it doesn’t get dirty as fast. Want you want to do if you are growing your hair like me is seal in moisture especially during the Winter. I seal moisture in from using different kinds of oils. Nothing to heavy. I have posted about them here before.

This is one off my favorite products to just rub on from root to tip if your hair starts to look dry and it is also great for blow outs.

20180204_113141.jpg I use this mixed with some more oils when I first was my hair. It smells great and doesn’t really need to be used on an everyday basis. It comes in a rather small bottle but a little goes a long way. I haven’t tried it it my daughters’ hair yet because I used Olive Oil mixed with other oils in her hair.

I oiled hair scalp and hair and redid the high pony which I am so tired of but looks really cute on her. It’s the fact that she doesn’t like to get her hair combed. She never did but she can take her own braids out now which saves me time. To re braid her hair, I used the products below.


It came out well but her hair is really thick. It’s just as thick as mine so it is harder to comb. Once you get all the oils in it, it is more manageable. If you you have dry hair or scalp, I recommend giving this product and the ones in the other picture a try. Makes your hair shine and look and feel healthy.

Wash Day

No it is not the day we wash our clothes. It is the day we wash our hair. The reason why it is a whole day thing is because of conditioning. I don’t just wash and condition and be done. Not even with my daughter’s hair. I washed and conditioned her hair with the products below but for my hair, I use two extra products. Two different masque which all together leaves my hair completely tangle free. My wash day is either today or tomorrow.

My daughter gets her hair done by me and various family members that like to do kids hair. I washed her with the products below and then added the kids product in the picture to detangle it. I used cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the first time on her hair and it turned out very nice. She has about 10 French Braids in the back with berets, and she has two buns which she wanted right above her ears for some reason. She also wanted them to be big so I made them as big as I could without using rubber bands to hold the buns together. I used hair ties instead which I absolutely love for doing buns and larger pony tails.

I will be adding pictures of the products we are using as I go along to the Products We Use section for natural hair. I have been all natural for 6 years and I would like my daughter to stay all natural as long as she can. Some of us can’t find the right products to use for maintenance like I couldn’t. I started like most of us do using almost all the products that Cantu makes and washing and conditioning with the Pantene 2 in 1 so that it would be easier. Pantene makes good products and they also have a new line of products that just came out that I am not ready to try. Cantu made my hair grow and made it easy to comb but it left it looking like it was lacking shine and moisture.  I switched from Pantene 2 in 1 to the shampoo and conditioners in the picture. All of these products add one thing that my natural hair was missing at first. MOISTURE. My hair was dry and dull with no shine at all until I stopped using the other products. I am not a critic, but I am learning what my hair like besides Olive Oil.

Since my husband is over worked and under paid at his current job, he is upset today. Not the kind of upset where he takes it out on me or anything. Upset at the way his boss is trying to get him to basically do extra work for free even on the weekends and Holidays. He can quit this job like he been wanting to since the beginning and concentrate on the website African American Trades & Goods and I can work on both of the websites which I would love to do. I hate advertising his website so early but it is complete. We just need to add the businesses. We have two on the website already that are local. We are adding local businesses first and adding the online shopping to the site after we get all the licenses and a disclaimer. Feel free to visit and subscribe to it now while he is keeping it free. At some point there will be a small subscription fee or donations area to help pay for expenses.

Now he needs a solid plan. Or another job lined up. Since he is a roofer, he already has a job lined up. He is also going to start his other business back up. But as the song go, we would be living a rough lifestyle for minute until the money starts coming in. Since his boss disappeared for a month or so, I remember what it was like when we didn’t have that extra income. That’s why we made two websites basically around the same time. Mine is more for pleasure at this point and his is stickily business.

I made this website in no time and he was mad about me using his laptop to post to my website. Now that he sees more of what I can do, the more he needs my help which is cool. And keeps me busy. We just got to rotate like with the PlayStation. Take turns. I wanna play Mortal Kombat XL. I am just going to take all my braids out today. I braided it with that Jane Carter’s Wrap Set Roll and it will look just fine today. Save energy and get some rest today. I stay on Twitter a lot though too. I like it a lot more than I do Facebook. It’s like PlayStation 4 VS. Nintendo Switch to me. I can use either or but I do have a preference. Twitter gives you more information faster. Facebook is about family and friends. I don’t have that many on there or in real life. I only deal with certain people. I get my medicine much easier that way. Our friend’s from the neighborhood store where able to renew my Medical Marijuana License with out me having to go back to the doctor. I had to pay them $60 to get everything and the doctor called me and asked about my condition. He said any resent medical documentation would be more helpful and asked me to send copies if I hade any. He had just got back into town from vacation. I sent the pictures of all my stuff to them and they handled everything. I can go get me some medicine now, or have me some delivered. Whatever we smoke later is on me and I need some more of what I have right now. Don’t need to take a muscle relaxer. One pill down. Next…..  Drink more water.

Alley Cats [EXPLICIT] Registered & Protected

Cant sleep when I’m upset, stressed out or vexed

My life is like a shooting star and I’m aiming for the best

Spent many days, spent many nights

Tryna unsort my distorted life

Treat people right and you gain respect

Otherwise ya ass will be left friendless

I’m no non sense and allergic to ignorance

When I am doing me, concentrate on doing you

Don’t like my tude, my tone, you know exactly what to do

Seem like you got shit twisted, you think I’m in need of you

But the butterfly will fly solo and in nothing you say is truth

I can break it down like this, yes, I’m one crazy bitch

But the thing that you don’t know is that I don’t tolerate bull shit

I don’t know who made you the judge

What I do know is he fucked up

The only thing that’s real to me is the ones I truly love

Oh how I hate an argumentative chic who stay on that back in the day ass shit

While I be making moves to go forward

You be bent on taking me backwards

I don had my share of problems

I work daily on ways to solve them

But no matter on what day

Arguing with a bitch, that just aint poppin

Aint a damn thing you can do for me that I cant do for myself

Aint no advise you could be giving me carrying yourself without respect

I don’t do dumb shit, verbally vicious but keep it under control

But if you cant behave yourself in front of my child

Out the door you go

You don’t owe me shit, nor do I owe you

The only reason I treat you like family

Is because that’s what I’m supposed to do

But if your all day drama is going to affect my life

Maybe you smoking bad and need to get ya head right




Protective Hair Styles

Protective hair styles are styles that seal in moisture like braids and twist. I keep my hair in a protective style and add oils and something for hold as needed. My hair is growing good and my scalp is no longer dry. I made an oil that is unisex and should relieve itching and dryness of the scalp and give a bit of aromatherapy in one swoop. I am using it on my hair and two other family members. They have Eczema so without a protective style, they have to apply the oil to their hair everyday. Scalp every other day or two. The good thing is that I was able to try it on someone besides myself and I remember the recipe. I am running out of this oil fast but can make some more to sell or for personal use. I am thinking of trying to sell it. Keep the price really low at the beginning since I would just be selling it to friends and family. Just thinking ahead like I am about my next hair style since I braid my own hair for now anyway. I try to keep it as simple but cute as I can.

My normal protective hair style required rubber bands at the ends because my hair is thick and I like the bigger sized braids. Especially if I am doing the hair. I am now rubber band free. It has grown enough for me not to even need the rubber bands at all. I just need something for hold on the ends. I have been paying very close attention to them and they are not split or damaged anymore. They were dry too and that is no longer the case. I do not use water to detangle because I do not need to detangle anymore. The products I use speak for themselves and are in the products we use section of this sight. Most of the products I use, I order from Amazon and the rest I get in the neighborhood. Olive Oil is always the base oil or carrier oil right now. I may switch to a different carrier oil soon. You can get a starter set at a really good price and sometimes on sale. Then you start your blend. I know other ladies who are doing the same thing. We could start this business right away and really take off during the Spring.

My first tester was me. After I liked it, I tried it on my daughters’ hair. And also her scalp. Her scalp did well and so did her hair where I put the braids. She liked the way it smelled. Her scalp stayed moist for a few days. The part that I braided is still moist and it has been this way for over a week. Her father was next. He says it worked on his hair for a day or so. Before I run out of this kind, I need another females’ opinion. Men don’t necessarily care about which oil to use in their hair. My daughters’ father likes Pantene for Natural or Permed hair. It is a good product but very heavy. I like light weight oils to prevent build up and to keep it from getting so dirty so fast. Even the gel I use for my hair contains oils and is light weight.

I don’t know exactly what is making my hair grow so fast. I was doing the not using oil on your scalp anymore challenge until my head started itching and I noticed those flakes. Since I have been oiling my scalp regularly, those flakes have disappeared. My daughters’ hair is also growing and we try to keep hers braided to promote growth and seal in moisture. This is the first time I grew my hair this long and decided to keep growing it. Next month I am cashing out on hair products. I am a little behind.



Extra Steps in the Morning

The moment I wake up, I am supposed to put these on. 20180213_143601.jpg

They are as small as they look in the picture. They are only hard to get on and off if your swelling is really bad or your feet and ankles are sore from being swollen. My swelling could be from my diet. I still don’t have the water pills yet and my blood pressure is still high even after I take my medication. My blood pressure cuff was not covered by my insurance so they are going to mail me a prescription for the cup which is covered by the insurance that I have. I am waiting to find out when they are drawing my blood for my thyroid test.

My doctor wrote me a prescription for these and I just got them recently. I went to the local medical supply store and it was crowded. I had to be measured in two different places. She tried to get me the best ones she could find that were covered and they only come in two colors. Black and nude. Of course chose black so they would look better with my clothes. Since I have been wearing them, the swelling has went almost completely away. They start swelling the moment I sit up in the bed. Apparently I sit on the bed too long. My ankles are swelling up slowly as I write this but putting the stockings on before you hop in the shower doesn’t make sense because you would have to put the stocking back on after you get out. It wouldn’t be bad if you were pain free when you did it. I do it sometimes.

When I wake up, I check my phone and look for my medicine first. I do the stairs a few times, I be on Twitter, I be sitting on the bed cleaning the pipe or fixing the Zippos. I do everything I can from the bed but I try not to lay down. And before I get to the shower, my ankles are already swollen. This is what the problem is every morning. I don’t get a chance to put them on when I first wake up. All I do is check to see if my ankles are still swollen or not. My daughter is sleeping in our bed so I am sitting here swelling. Today I am going to put the stockings on and take a walk. Do a few stretches and rest. Then take them off and get in the shower. I have a chair and I can soak my feet while I do it. It is that extra step that takes me some time to get used to.

You only can get one pair of these every three months. This pair can be hand washed and dripped dry. Perfect for me. I hand wash as much as possible but if you don’t put the stockings on right, you can stretch them out of shape. After that you would have to go without them until it is time for your next pair. I wish they came in other colors so they would match with your clothing especially in the Summer. Both my in lays are cracked too which may have me walking a bit off balance but much better with the stockings on. It feels almost like I am bare foot in these. I guess if you wanted other colors or designs you would have to special order them through the store which is what I am going to do. My feet haven’t felt this good since I was young. These are a perfect fit.

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

I am eating them now for the magnesium benefits. I buy them shelled and salted because I like that salty taste sometimes. I have been eating them on and off for years. Now I am going to start eating more of them. I need that magnesium.

A system cleaning

I did not realize what was going on with me until about 5 days ago. I am not affected by them Opioid Crisis at all even though I do take pain medication. My doctor warned me ahead of time thankfully. I started weening off all pills because of the thought of addiction or a better term for it, dependence. I don’t want to need to take a pill to feel better every single time I am in pain or stiff or etc. As you get order, those pills will eat the lining of your stomach. I have been on some sort of pain medication since I was 12 taking Naproxen. Since 2009, I have been very careful with the amount of medication I take. Mainly because I have a child and need to stay alert when she is under my care.

Dystonia makes you feel old before your time and the treatment can sometimes be 11 to 12 pills a day or more. At some point I had too much medication. And I needed to take most of it to function. Times are different now. Now I have the Marijuana Card or license back, I need less pills. The bad news is that I am purposely weening myself off all these pills. But I am suffering from withdrawal. It is not bad and I had it worse when I was dependant on Klonopin. I had constant migraines. I would have to take a pill just to get some relief. This time I don’t know what pills are causing the withdrawal. It feels like I need something like a cigar, but I don’t. I am a bit jittery but I am not twitching or shaking too much in the day time. At night I am jerking and waking myself up out of my sleep.

I am micro dosing the Marijuana to get me through the day with the least amount of pills as possible. The withdrawal syptoms would be really hard to deal with if I wasn’t able to get the Medical Marijuana. The nausea and vomiting is withdrawal too. That was the warning sign and also a good sign. I am getting this medicine out of my system slowly. If I do it too fast, I wouldn’t be able to afford to smoke my medicine because I would need more. Luckily the growers are trying to help me and cutting me some deals at the shop. They noticed how I was walking and could immediately tell it was my ankles now. I am going to get my compression stockings today or tomorrow and also that blood pressure monitor. I also need to put the prescription in for the water pills because we do know that I am retaining water for sure. What we don’t know yet is the reason why and I don’t think the x-rays will give us the answer although I am still going to have them done.

With this pen and a little strain mixing, I am able to function well through the day with some pain. The pain would be worse if I didn’t vape or smoke something. It is an article out about how dangerous it is to vape oil because of the tar. Tar? It also says that we as consumers do not know what is in the oil. Why we don’t? I know who it came from. A grower who sells to the shop and the shop sells very good oil. It has been tested and they can explain to you what is in it. People are laughing at the article but it does show how ignorant some people can be. I would be more concerned with the Marijuana itself and how it was grown since I am putting it in my body. All my doctor’s support it but one. The pain management doctor who comes to the house. The bottom line is that I look and feel much more alert and functional in the morning especially.

I have been able to get up with my daughter every day before she goes to school. The withdrawal she can not tell. It is not noticable. I can do her hair on one day and mine on the next. I have been doing %80 of everything from my bed because of the swelling. Right now it is my feet. They are puffy. My daughter knows I have to rest a lot and she also knows that my eye swelling up is worse than my ankles. She knows how it feels because it happened to her once and we do not know the exact cause. We do know it was her allergies and she needed to go to the ER. I just use a hot towel but would be so embarrassed if I had to go to work with my eye almost swollen closed. It affects your vision. And I have a droopy eye already that they wanted to do surgery on. I am able to keep my daughter while he is away handling business which I am proud of. I do not want to be absent during the important parts of her life. I haven’t took anymore pictures yet but I got the camera on the phone working better.

I will be adding more pictures to this blog soon. Not of me but of the products we use for our hair and other products I love. The movie section is empty for a reason. I haven’t watched a movie in some time. I have been reading more and playing the game. I still haven’t been able to play Destiny 2 that much. I always choose to play Mortal Kombat XL because I am getting better at it. I am finally used to wearing my glasses now. I usually don’t wear them in the house but I need to start trying more. I need to get up and put them on first. The Dystonia spread to my eyes years ago. My eyes are very sensitive to light. Even the TV and the phones. All the things that we use. I adjusted my devices that I own to my vision needs. The televisions in here are adjusted with more brightness so to watch certain movies, I need to wear the glasses to be on the safe side and for when I am playing the game too. I suffer from eye fatigue. Fatigue period. I can get through the withdrawal syptoms with this vape pen and a few other items that I am going to get. Cleaning my system out at this exact time if very important. At times, I clean all the Marijuana from my system to lower my tolerance. This way, I don’t get burnt out on cannabis.