New Walk, Old Shoes

The African American Trades & Goods received its first goods this month. We have been busy spreading the word locally and building a customer base. I invested some money in the oils that I wanted to blend with great success. I wasn’t able to make a whole lot of oil but I was able to make enough for me and my family and have some leftover. I love making the oil blends. My first client was Tom Wilson, my husband and the Founder of African American Trades & Goods. I made him a special blend of oils to help relieve an itchy and dry scalp from eczema. I also made a massage oil for us which relieves stress and a blend of oils for my hair and scalp. I bought some essential oils and carrier oils. Some of the cheaper brands of essential oils did not smell like they should and I lost about $14 at the most. All the other oils that I bought worked out well and I have blended different types which I intend on selling as soon as we get a logo and some labels unless it’s by request.

This website is still undergoing changes. I haven’t been posting as often because I have been busy trying to figure out what direction I want this website to go in. I was raising Dystonia Awareness when I started but now I am not even sure if I have it. Seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist was my goal but learning to live with whatever I have and being able to function on an everyday basis became more important than appointments. Once I got the papers for my medical marijuana license, I started eliminating medication that I either was tired of taking, wasn’t working, or caused some form of dependence. I have went from 15 or more pills a day to 3 or 4 a day over the course of the last six months. I am starting to stray away from Pepsi altogether but I have started drinking iced coffee from Tim Hortons, water when it is purified, and more tea.

I have purchased two vape pens. One for nicotine because I have grown tired of Lex 12 Nappa Night Cigars and Lex 12 Cigars period. In fact, I am tired of all the cigars I normally smoke including those Black & Mild’s I have been smoking since high school and can no longer smoke. They make me develop a chronic cough. I have not smoked one in quite some time. I have a Tru Blu vape pen for now and I like it but, they don’t make the type of flavors I like. I also was able to find a different type of Al Capone Cigar which I have fell in love with. Al Capone filtered Jamaican Blaze Cigars. I will be transitioning to them next month. They have a great flavor that pairs well with my vape pens and medical marijuana. I had to learn how to roll up all over again. I no longer use Swishers. I use tobacco less, vegan, CBD, GMO free wraps by High Hemp. They come in quite a few flavors or you can get the plain kind. I get them according to what I am smoking on that day.

My compression stockings are in the drawer and I haven’t worn them in over a week. All that swelling and pain for all that time was from a very simple problem that the doctors never considered but I did. What if the swelling is coming from wearing the wrong shoes? I mean literally. Nothing more. Nothing less. No need to have any testing done which makes less trips to the doctor. Not one doctor that I am seeing considered that. Not one doctor asked me what type of shoes do I wear when I am at home. Instead, they switched my blood pressure medication to one that acts as a water pill and a blood pressure all at once. Lets just say that there is no way in the world I was going to keep taking a medication that makes me have to go to the bathroom that many times in a few hours unless it is absolutely necessary. So I stopped taking the water pills and put me some shoes on. What swelling?

My ankles stopped swelling up after I put on the most comfortable shoes that I have and limited the amount of time I spent in house shoes. I was walking around the house in shower or boat shoes. The kind of shoes that you can get wet, take off, and drain the water out by rolling the shoes up into their selves. They have drainage holes and are worn like socks with a rubber bottom. I walked all over in those shoes for at least eight months. One day after the swelling had finally went down, I put on some LeBron James Basketball shoes and was in bliss and still am. How comfortable basketball shoes are is amazing. I don’t know how other people feel about them but they have always got me threw a day in comfort. I have on some brand new old LeBron James shoes in the daytime and I put on the house shoes in the evening. Oh what a relief this was. I am going to wear these shoes until I tear them up. By that time, I should be able to afford some more. I also found that Sperry shoes and baseball shoes also work. I still need to wear the in lays with them but not the compression stockings.


This site is under contruction

This site is under heavy construction. When I created it, I didn’t think anyone would read it. It was basically to see if I could do it. I was testing myself. I like to write and although I am not a writer, I do my best.

Some things on here have been removed and the about section and a few other things need to be changed. I been really busy and hadn’t really took time to look at the website and see how it would look to other people. My first time really seeing it was today and I am a horrible photographer. Some of these pictures on here needed to be cropped and some just need to be removed. I am working on it. I write the best when I am using the computer but I am having problems with my Wifi connection. And I need to have them come out again and see if they can fix the problem.

Health wise I have had some rough days this week but I was blessed to have some medicine for it. I looked at the pictures on the websites that I liked and thought about how unprofessional my pictures look. But I have no skills in photography. I just started playing with the camera one day to see what quality of a picture it could take. It takes good pictures but it’s an old camera so it’s even harder to do for me.

I just posted this to see the response. Apparently scheduled posting doesn’t work that well for me and stuff be posting here before it is complete. I am working on that. I am working on a lot of things at once but I like to stay busy. Keep my mind busy. Maintaining a website or two from home isn’t that bad but it is hard. This is a test post to see if it will post on time. I will try to post again tomorrow. Depending on how I feel.

Wash Day

No it is not the day we wash our clothes. It is the day we wash our hair. The reason why it is a whole day thing is because of conditioning. I don’t just wash and condition and be done. Not even with my daughter’s hair. I washed and conditioned her hair with the products below but for my hair, I use two extra products. Two different masque which all together leaves my hair completely tangle free. My wash day is either today or tomorrow.

My daughter gets her hair done by me and various family members that like to do kids hair. I washed her with the products below and then added the kids product in the picture to detangle it. I used cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the first time on her hair and it turned out very nice. She has about 10 French Braids in the back with berets, and she has two buns which she wanted right above her ears for some reason. She also wanted them to be big so I made them as big as I could without using rubber bands to hold the buns together. I used hair ties instead which I absolutely love for doing buns and larger pony tails.

I will be adding pictures of the products we are using as I go along to the Products We Use section for natural hair. I have been all natural for 6 years and I would like my daughter to stay all natural as long as she can. Some of us can’t find the right products to use for maintenance like I couldn’t. I started like most of us do using almost all the products that Cantu makes and washing and conditioning with the Pantene 2 in 1 so that it would be easier. Pantene makes good products and they also have a new line of products that just came out that I am not ready to try. Cantu made my hair grow and made it easy to comb but it left it looking like it was lacking shine and moisture.  I switched from Pantene 2 in 1 to the shampoo and conditioners in the picture. All of these products add one thing that my natural hair was missing at first. MOISTURE. My hair was dry and dull with no shine at all until I stopped using the other products. I am not a critic, but I am learning what my hair like besides Olive Oil.

Since my husband is over worked and under paid at his current job, he is upset today. Not the kind of upset where he takes it out on me or anything. Upset at the way his boss is trying to get him to basically do extra work for free even on the weekends and Holidays. He can quit this job like he been wanting to since the beginning and concentrate on the website African American Trades & Goods and I can work on both of the websites which I would love to do. I hate advertising his website so early but it is complete. We just need to add the businesses. We have two on the website already that are local. We are adding local businesses first and adding the online shopping to the site after we get all the licenses and a disclaimer. Feel free to visit and subscribe to it now while he is keeping it free. At some point there will be a small subscription fee or donations area to help pay for expenses.

Now he needs a solid plan. Or another job lined up. Since he is a roofer, he already has a job lined up. He is also going to start his other business back up. But as the song go, we would be living a rough lifestyle for minute until the money starts coming in. Since his boss disappeared for a month or so, I remember what it was like when we didn’t have that extra income. That’s why we made two websites basically around the same time. Mine is more for pleasure at this point and his is stickily business.

I made this website in no time and he was mad about me using his laptop to post to my website. Now that he sees more of what I can do, the more he needs my help which is cool. And keeps me busy. We just got to rotate like with the PlayStation. Take turns. I wanna play Mortal Kombat XL. I am just going to take all my braids out today. I braided it with that Jane Carter’s Wrap Set Roll and it will look just fine today. Save energy and get some rest today. I stay on Twitter a lot though too. I like it a lot more than I do Facebook. It’s like PlayStation 4 VS. Nintendo Switch to me. I can use either or but I do have a preference. Twitter gives you more information faster. Facebook is about family and friends. I don’t have that many on there or in real life. I only deal with certain people. I get my medicine much easier that way. Our friend’s from the neighborhood store where able to renew my Medical Marijuana License with out me having to go back to the doctor. I had to pay them $60 to get everything and the doctor called me and asked about my condition. He said any resent medical documentation would be more helpful and asked me to send copies if I hade any. He had just got back into town from vacation. I sent the pictures of all my stuff to them and they handled everything. I can go get me some medicine now, or have me some delivered. Whatever we smoke later is on me and I need some more of what I have right now. Don’t need to take a muscle relaxer. One pill down. Next…..  Drink more water.

Alley Cats [EXPLICIT] Registered & Protected

Cant sleep when I’m upset, stressed out or vexed

My life is like a shooting star and I’m aiming for the best

Spent many days, spent many nights

Tryna unsort my distorted life

Treat people right and you gain respect

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I’m no non sense and allergic to ignorance

When I am doing me, concentrate on doing you

Don’t like my tude, my tone, you know exactly what to do

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But the butterfly will fly solo and in nothing you say is truth

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I work daily on ways to solve them

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Arguing with a bitch, that just aint poppin

Aint a damn thing you can do for me that I cant do for myself

Aint no advise you could be giving me carrying yourself without respect

I don’t do dumb shit, verbally vicious but keep it under control

But if you cant behave yourself in front of my child

Out the door you go

You don’t owe me shit, nor do I owe you

The only reason I treat you like family

Is because that’s what I’m supposed to do

But if your all day drama is going to affect my life

Maybe you smoking bad and need to get ya head right




A bit more inspiration

I love to get hair ideas from what I watch. I loved the hairstyles in Badlands and used those ideas to do my own hair in up-do’s. This link is to an article highlighting the numerous actresses choosing to show off their natural hair. I just wanted someone else to be as happy about that as I am.

Styling natural hair can be hard. You run out of ideas sometimes and need a little inspiration. Just looking at these actresses with their different hairstyles, hair lengths, and hair types made me think of more ways to wear my hair.

I found this article very interesting. Sorry that I am late with posting the link to it but I have been a bit under the weather.

Fairy Knots, Goodbye

First I did a dusting for practice, and then trimmed my ends. I had to look this up to find out what it was called and what to do about my ends to prevent this from happening again.

I am going to do hot oil treatments every two weeks with a pre poo before. This method works great for my hair in it’s best condition ever.

I have my hair braided in a design in the front just past my ears so I can keep the ends moist with OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil Dry & Course Hair.

Fairy knots are a huge problem with my hair and I am trying to prevent them. I will do a product review of OGX in the up coming weeks. I am also trying the conditioner.

Watch “Too Broke For A Lace Closure? FAKE IT! Affordable $60 Wig Tutorial | Wiggins Hair on Amazon” on YouTube

A good look for Mother’s Day. I am thinking about getting this done or some feeder braids on a curve. Now that my hair is becoming more healthy, I may just have my real hair braided and colored. This would be the most expensive and I like the idea of having one made. I have never had a wig made and do not want to use glue.

Trimming your own ends isn’t that easy (TIPS)

Trimming your own ends is awkward but it will save you hair, time, and money. I find that you need to ask some of the ladies you see with beautiful hair questions. Even when you are choosing to color. Ask around, do some research, and do not believe every single video you see on YouTube about hair. Too much online research can cause confusion since there is more than one way to do everything and everyone has there own method.

When I decided to do a trim, it was necessary. My ends were my only problem and my hair was hard to manage because of it. I decided to do it myself because I wanted to be able to still wear my hair in a pony tail. Trimming even just a little at a time is better than letting someone chop off all your progress. Some hairdressers cut your hair off and others trim your ends. But I don’t want to guess who is going to do a good job. In the past, my hair was simply chopped off at every shop I went to. No one every mentioned taming the ends but someone who had the same problem with their hair. They told me to be patient and work on them regularly. After all, you can train your natural hair to do just about anything once you start to maintain it and keep it healthy.

I personally knew that I needed to take off at least and inch. I decided to familiarize myself with cutting my hair period and took off a quarter inch just to see if that would help at all and my hair feels better. You may not be able to tell how much you need to trim like me but if you feel like you didn’t trim off enough, trim off a little more. The easier it is to comb after a trim, the more you can tell whether you did a good job or not.

The first thing you should do is buy some barber scissors but I was in a rush and used some really sharp scissors that are all purpose. They made it a little harder to do. The way I can tell that I need to trim off more is that I still have crunchy ends. When I use the term crunchy, I mean rough and tangled. I can’t run a comb straight though my hair after I am done washing and conditioning it. At least not yet. I can see and feel the spots that I missed. But I can also continue to work on them. By putting my hair in a protective style after my wash day was over, I sealed in all the moisture from the hot oil treatment and have also decided to pay a lot more attention to them. They need more oil than the rest of my hair. Whatever I apply to my scalp, I am applying to my ends. Instead of two strand twist, I braid my hair into small braids. I train the ends daily by applying a small amount of oil and twirling them around my right index finger always in the same direction. You can do clockwise or counter. Whichever one works better for you.

Right now, I have my hair in 24 French Braids with 3 layers. It’s easier to apply the oils to the scalp, hair, and specifically the ends. All the braids are straight, nice, and even. It is trained to stay parted down the middle and now I am training it to grow away from my face. I am training it to grow in the direction that I have it braided in. My hair did the best when I was washing it every two weeks. Washing it less often also made it harder to comb. I am still oiling my scalp even though a lot of all naturals have started the no oil on the scalp for a period of time method and others don’t apply oil to their scalps at all. I don’t allow my scalp to get dry. A dry scalp for me means dry hair. I am using the Dr. Miracle’s Daily Anit-Breakage Strengthening Crème on my scalp and ends daily as instructed by the product. And as I mentioned in a previous post, my hair is growing and there is no real breakage. I will list the oil blend that I am using in another post but I always use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as my base and I am adding Argan oil to the blend.

Pre-Poo with Cantu Product review

This product I have been using for a long time. When I first started growing my natural hair back, this product was apart of the products that I used. I like it so much that I use it with every wash but this time I decided to do a pre poo with it after I trimmed my ends for the first time in decades.

I watched a YouTube video on how to trim your own ends which I posted a link to in a previous post and I simply followed those instructions. I trimmed off as much as I could tolerate and I most certainly did not cut my hair off like they do at these shops when you pay to get your ends trimmed. I took off 90% of the damage. Maybe even more, which made me think, my ends have been crunchy and dry for years and I never really take the time to deal with them. Taming them went well, trimming was better, but what else do I need to do.

I realized I needed to do two things before I dye my hair. Start doing pre-poo’s which I take the best conditioner I have and apply it to my hair the day before and let it sit over night. Rinse it out and shampoo with my favorite shampoo at the moment. Two. I need to do some hot oil treatments with avocado and argan oil along with my other favorites. I could actually do the hot oil treatment with my oil blend. I ordered some more avocado oil and some argan for my hair care. These two steps along with keeping the ends soft and trimmed when needed will make my hair and yours healthier and for those who are just starting their natural hair journey, if your ends become dry and rough feeling, you do not have to do the big chop. You just need to add a few steps to your hair routine.

I decided to pre-poo with something inexpensive of course, just to see if it would make any difference in how the hair feels after I was done with washing, and drying it. I have been blow drying my hair once every 3 weeks. I used Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Deep Treatment Masque. It can be used as a leave in conditioner or rinsed out. I am using it as both. It smells great to me but if you don’t like your hair to have much of a scent, don’t buy this product. You will either love the way it smells like I do, or hate it. It has a very fruity cocktail smell to it but makes my hair soft and adds moisture and shine. I absolutely love this product and will continue to use it as long as it is available to me. You can find this product on Amazon as well and in some beauty supply stores. It is worth a try but remember that it has a rather loud but fruity smell that dies down over time. I love the results of this product and a hot oil treatment. My hair is shiny and moist but not greasy or weighed down.


Dr. Miracles Product review

I am using Dr. Miracle’s products on all our hair including my daughters’ father who has been working hard on getting the African American Trades & Goods business up and running. We all suffer from dry scalp but they both have Eczema and need a lot of moisture for their hair and scalp They also need something to stop the itching. I am using Dr. Miracle’s Cleanse and Condition Conditioning Shampoo blended with Olive & Jojoba Oils right now on all of our hair and I like it. Wash day just got easier for me. Even though it is a conditioning shampoo, I am still using conditioner on me and my 7 year olds hair. I also like OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner which I use afterward. A more detailed list is coming with all the products I am using soon.


I have also been using Dr. Miracle’s Daily Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème with Aloe Vera & Natural Proteins. I wasn’t sure if it was working but my hair started growing and their was less of it in the comb. I finally got my hair done in 6 feeder braids for Easter and oiled my scalp with this and applied some oils to the actual hair and ends. My ends are not as bad as I thought they were. My sister in law examined my hair while she was braiding it. She said that whatever I had been using was working. My ends were damaged but there wasn’t a lot to trim. Nika Styles charges $30 for a trim and $50 for the feeder braids. I can either try to tame the ends like I have been doing or have a trim. Dr. Miracle’s Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème works so well, I may not even get the trim. I am on my 5th hair journey. When my ends get to this point, usually, I just cut all of my hair off. This product means that this time, I can continue to grow it.


While at the local beauty supply store, I also found Dr. Miracle’s Hot Grow Hair and Scalp Treatment and started using it yesterday. It is supposed to condition and promote healthy hair growth and has Aloe, Shea Butter, & Jojoba Oil. Anything that conditions is excellent for my hair and definitely for my ends. I am wearing a braid out right now. I would recommend that you use this product lightly. My hair and scalp feel great and I have no irritation. This product is like a grease and has less of a smell than the crème. I am using them both. I think that the crème is better for my hair. If your scalp and hair tend to be really dry, I would recommend you try the Hot Grow. I am going to do an allergy test on my daughter and then switch her to this. Both products work great and will help your hair grow and become healthier.