Going out with Myoclonic Dystonia

Everyday, I wanna go out. I am in training on my own to learn to walk with for arm crutches especially in the Winter. I went today to get a drug test for controlled substances. I can’t pee in a cup. I am too shaky at times. I need a hat. Or swab me please. 

I called ahead and they said just ask for the swab when you get there. I am there but they looking at me funny. They said it wasn’t my fault of course. Then she didn’t know what to do with the hat when I finished. Pour it in the cup? YES!!!

I made sure they labeled it before I just walked out the door even though they kept saying I could leave. Not until you label this urine sample properly for my appointment. I need my medicine. Both kind.

The kind of thing they don’t understand. 

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