How far I can walk when I am warm.

Today I went to see my cousin and had good time. She is doing good but we lost touch with each other over the years.

My thigh muscle was bothering me for days. I was doing excercise. Stretch the muscle. I had to take two Zanaflex a day. I am down to one and the pain is gone.

To go visit my cousin I had to get up and get dressed, get my daughter dressed, and pack my medical bag. Has all the meds I may need when I am visiting someone. Or for going to the doctor. Purses are dangerous to carry where we live but I need one. A tote.

Getting in the car was easy. I have been training to do it. I need Magnesium soon but I have a solution. Water. I need to drink more and less Pepsi. I am cutting down on Pepsi anyway. Caffeine addiction. I need an equal amount. 16.9 oz of Pepsi and switch back to the same amount of water. I have dry mouth from meds. No one would give me a Pepsi today. Had to function with no caffeine. I drink it to wake up. But I can drink a 2 liter plus of it a day. Today we drunk Hawaiian Punch instead of Kool-Aid.

I got to the building but it was the wrong one so we had to get back in the car and go to the other one. So to get dropped of at the front door was good. No problems. To get to apartment, we needed to use the elevator and I was using fore arm crutches. She just had surgery on her hip but is using her walker well. Without the Pepsi, I didn’t have enough energy for that long walk after you get out the elevators with them crutches. That walk alone with my daughter was hard but I did it without problem. Luckily I was there to rest and hangout for a minute.

Getting out the building was easy. He picked me up at the front door like a gentleman. Appreciated. Came home to a Pepsi and sitting with a water now. Plan to visit my cousin while she is recovering. As often as I can.

We need to be around good people. Positive or uplifting. Good for your over all health. We had fun and we will do it again soon. I feel better. Magnesium is what I needed and I got some while I was in the hospital overnight. In an IV. It was in November and I still feel good. Less medicine too. I only take what I need.

Drinking water right now. Real cold.

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