Alley Cats [EXPLICIT] Registered & Protected

Cant sleep when I’m upset, stressed out or vexed

My life is like a shooting star and I’m aiming for the best

Spent many days, spent many nights

Tryna unsort my distorted life

Treat people right and you gain respect

Otherwise ya ass will be left friendless

I’m no non sense and allergic to ignorance

When I am doing me, concentrate on doing you

Don’t like my tude, my tone, you know exactly what to do

Seem like you got shit twisted, you think I’m in need of you

But the butterfly will fly solo and in nothing you say is truth

I can break it down like this, yes, I’m one crazy bitch

But the thing that you don’t know is that I don’t tolerate bull shit

I don’t know who made you the judge

What I do know is he fucked up

The only thing that’s real to me is the ones I truly love

Oh how I hate an argumentative chic who stay on that back in the day ass shit

While I be making moves to go forward

You be bent on taking me backwards

I don had my share of problems

I work daily on ways to solve them

But no matter on what day

Arguing with a bitch, that just aint poppin

Aint a damn thing you can do for me that I cant do for myself

Aint no advise you could be giving me carrying yourself without respect

I don’t do dumb shit, verbally vicious but keep it under control

But if you cant behave yourself in front of my child

Out the door you go

You don’t owe me shit, nor do I owe you

The only reason I treat you like family

Is because that’s what I’m supposed to do

But if your all day drama is going to affect my life

Maybe you smoking bad and need to get ya head right




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