How we Dystonians wash our hair and when

These are pictures from wash day. The Eco Styler I only use on my edges and it does build up over time but not that bad. The spray I use for shine and hydration which is OGX Coconut Oil Mist. I don’t have a picture of the Olive Oil but I use that as I let my hair air dry for a day or so. 

How I wash my hair is harder than it used to be. I have to do it in the bathtub with a pillow on the floor for my knees. I used to stand up and do it in the kitchen sink with the sprayer but that sink isn’t working that well. I pick a day when I have nothing planned usually every two weeks. Maybe more and I do my wash routine. Doesn’t take long. I put it in four ponytails until I can get finished or more time. This week I am going to blow dry it sense I have never blow dried my natural hair. I would like to see if it will lay down so I can wrap it or make two puffs. Haven’t decided yet.

It’s not washed yet because I was about to dye it Strawberry Blonde but we are using the powder. A bit more complicated. But I have an appointment tomorrow and spent the day with my daughter. We had fun and after she went to bed, I spent some time with her father. Quality time. 

I am rebraiding my hair right now. 19 braids with two left. I can wear a braid out or a matching scarf to my shirt. Will see how it looks later on. May wear it braided for a day. The usual. Once I wash it, I try to braid it in big block braids that are easy to maintain. But I need time to do it. A lot of appointments coming up for me and my daughter. 

To wash, I use what is below first. I stand and get on the floor. Takes about an half hour with the two conditioners. Then I add the 3rd conditioning treatment. A masque that stays on 30 minutes. I follow that with a 15 minute masque and rinse. Part it in four ponytails and put the Olive Oil on it. Leaves it butter soft and easy to comb. 

Even though my hair is a bit dirty, I haven’t used too many products. Time to wash what I did use in it out. Trying a new product for twist, wrap or roll. I will post about it when I see the results. I am tired with two braids left and 1 hour and 15 minutes before I have to get up. I should be fine. Taking a nap before I go to the doctor and I have a snack. 

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