Pain management

Now, when I go to the pain doctor I have to give a urine sample. New law. I can go to any office from this franchise and do it. It was annoying but it was fine. I would rather give a swab which they said I couldn’t do. The purpose of the new law is to make sure you are either taking your meds (controlled substances) as prescribed or are you taking too many. Do you take them at all? That’s what they want to know.

I had to give them a sample 3 days before the appointment. Ok. Why? For my pain meds. I have a lot of pain in a lot of places. I will take a pain med if I need to and the bottle says that. My Norco and Valium are controlled substances now. They work but I am used to them. I do need both.

After your sample is processed, they send it to the lab. At your appointment, they already know the results. If you have too much or none, you get a warning. After that warning, if you do it again, they kick you out the program. I do run out of meds though and the pharmacy be without them too. You have to wait for them. 1 to 3 weeks for me. Not it my system if I ran out and the pharmacy ran out. So they call and check with the pharmacy to make sure they don’t have any. Then you are okay.

My appointment was today and like many people with Dystonia, I couldn’t sleep last night. I decided not to take my sleeping med which was silly. I just wasn’t ready to go to bed. I picked my clothes out and did my hair yesterday. All I really needed to do was take a shower and let my pores close before I go outside. It’s hard to get dressed for some of us. Hard to mentally prepare. But I plan two days ahead so it’s easier. I use my calendar alerts.  Sometimes we have to reschedule because of the fatigue and pain. And in the winter time, we are stiff like frozen food. Hard to get things done.

I noticed it had snowed and my husband was late. How am I going to get out the house with these fore arm crutches in the snow? So since it was about an inch or so, I had to SWEEP ME A PATH TO THE DRIVEWAY. He was running so late that I was getting upset. We made it there on time but it was crowded with people in this cold weather. Luckily no one was in front of me and surprise, my doc is having a baby. She’s my new doc for now anyway. We know each other and the last time I was there, they said I was unstable and needed to be put in a wheelchair. Nope. That was temporary. My potassium, sodium, and magnesium were low. When I wasn’t culvusing, I was really tired. I am better now and adding them to my diet.

My weight is up and I look much better is what she said. Their only concern with me is the pain and spasming. No more real culvusing after I got that magnesium the first time. Now I need more. All my meds have been refilled and don’t have to go back for 3 months. She didn’t know about me having the other health problems so she did update to my chart.

Blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, and allergy meds are what are new. Plus I have an inhaler now for shortness of breath from convulsing like that. It was giving me panic attacks and I was Hyperventilating. I carry it with me now just in case. I had to use it one time so far.


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