Braided out


I have been doing braid outs with different products to see what worked the best. I tried something that made it poufy but cute. This is the product I used to do it with which I love. I didn’t need that much of it and even though I haven’t washed my hair yet, it still looks healthy. Too cold here to be out without something over your head. I braid it out every other day or so since I am not working anymore. Getting ready for spring in my mind. I usually where it braided anyway.

This product works excellent in my hair and is for twist, wraps, and rollers. It is very light on my hair and it is a mousse. I been playing around with my hair tyring to figure out what hair style I want next. I have two free days. I guess I will wash it tomorrow. But when I braid it this time, I will be using this. It gave my hair curls and added moisture to it. I don’t want to even lay down on it until my family gets home. I hate sleeping on a braid out but I am not braiding it back this time. Time for wash day.

Now I am going to put some two strand twist in the front and see if they hold. I want some bantu knots. Or some flat twist. I know I have to something to it this weekend since we have no plans.

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