Using fore arm crutches

Doing your blog from your phone is easy but it’s too small for me. I need to update the tablet with these pictures so I can write from it. The website we used the lap top for. I haven’t been able to read any blogs yet. I just got back on WordPress. Thank you for reading and for the likes and follows. I am sharing this on Twitter and Facebook.

I am learning how to use these and carry a purse at the same time. For the doctors appointments. I just woke up because I forgot to take my medicine. Technically I have 3 hours to kill. The water is helping with the dry mouth from the pills so I keep some by the bed.

I told my doctor instead of being in a wheelchair, I wanna use these. These are covered by Medicare but cheaper than the standard. Standard are 8lbs. I can’t lift 8lbs so I could barely use them. These were special ordered. I picked them out on line. Now I am get ready to start my on physical therapy. I just got to look the exercises up for my legs. I need to do them every day now to get ready for spring. I wanna get out the house more this summer.

I can use these but do need more training. The more I go out, the better I get at using them but when I have paperwork, where do I put it. In my purse which holds everything I may need when I am out except a flashlight for a key ring so I can unlock the doors easier. Need to order one.

The purse has all the medical stuff in it. Not too heavy to carry. The more stuff I have to carry, the more challenging it is. I am free for two days before my next appointment and might go out tomorrow. My daughter is going to the Dentist. More practice for me. I have to check the weather. Friday I am finally going to meet my new PCP from my new hospital. Hopefully my blood pressure is better so I can stop taking these pills. They have to keep it monitored now. My hair needs washing but I can wait. It still looks okay with the braid out. Just trying a new product out and waiting to see if I am getting it dyed or not.

These crutches work great for balance. With a Zanaflex, you could train yourself how to use them. It’s not that hard because they are like having two canes and way better than a wheelchair. The blue ones I couldn’t find so these are rather plain. They suggested decorative tape which I did find online. You just wrap it around neatly. I can’t get another cane until it warms up. I am more comfortable using these which I don’t see many people with. If you need some fore arm crutches, go to Drive website. That’s who makes them and I recommend these. 👍🤗

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