Cooking dinner.

Something like a luxury. I like to cook it now. It’s just hard to cook with tremors. He asked me to finish cooking the sausage for dinner but I have no idea what we are eating. I am not type of person that takes pictures of anything. My hands be shaking or my finger. I could take a muscle relaxer but I have my daughter and they make you sleepy.

I woke up with my eye swollen almost closed. The second time in a month. I am tired. At least my body is which a lot of people don’t understand. My body feel like I been fighting. Not pain but drained of energy. I had no caffeine today. My husband and family asked me to stop drinking so much. I been drinking water all day and organizing everything for my appointment with the new PCP. Haven’t had a PCP in years. I am hopeful about this doctor though. Internal Medicine. The kind of primary care physician people with Dystonia need. Too tired to do my hair but I am not missing this appointment. I will wear a scarf like usual and what my husband asked me to wear when I am riding in the car with him. It will be a lot warmer tomorrow than today anyway.

My hair need to be braided in the at night before and took in the morning. If I have to go out. I can’t sleep on it unless it’s braided. To hard to untangle. I could braid it back. I have 19 braids. There is a girl on Facebook who charge $1 a braid who could braid it back. She is advertising. And looks young. It would only be about $25 if I were to do it. Infact. I need to ask her how much she would charge. Just braid them back with that same product. My hair is dirty but not that dirty. Not by appearance. I’ll just wear a scarf. One that matches my clothes to the doctor. I have to finish cooking my daughter food. She’s hungry but I am not yet. I will be in a few hours. After I finish my hair. Husband says leave it like it is because it doesn’t look dirty. So did my daughter so I will spray it with some oil. I will post about it soon. Works great!

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