Meeting the PCP

Why did we make two appointments in the same day around the same time? Desperaty. Me and my daughter need to go to all of our appointments. Especially these kind. But she was late and I have to reschedule hers but she did make it to the dentist. They had to pull two of her teeth from all that sugar she like. She said after this, she will never eat or drink sugar again. By the time I saw her, she couldn’t even talk from them numbing her mouth. And she had guaze to stop the bleeding. It is a good thing she was late for her other appointment. She needed urgent dental care. Her tooth had been hurting and it was getting worse. After the numbness went away and I woke up, she could talk again. Her pain medicine wasn’t ready at the pharmacy yet. He has it now and she went to bed fine. After the Tylenol.

My appointment went very well. My doctor is the same age as me and all natural. She had enough hair to make a bun. The office was tiny and your phones didn’t work is my only complaint. The wait time was fine. She had one person in front of me. She had all of my history and meds I take in the system. That is good. She only had to ask a few questions about my family history. The usual but this was a consult to become a patient. Almost like a job interview. My eye was what I was worried about. Why is it swelling? Only when I am sleep and only the one eye. She said it could be a stye or it’s my allergies and wrote me a prescription for Zyrtec. It should bring the swelling down if it’s allergy related even though I take allergy meds daily. She said I may have grown used to the one I am on and to rotate the allergy meds. I will try the Zyrtec the next time it swells.

As far as my blood pressure being high and me needing to take medicine for it, I still have to take it until further notice. It was a bit low before I took my medicine. This can make you light headed or dizzy which is what is happening. She wrote a prescription for a monitor so I could keep track of it at home. I have to write it down daily and bring it to my next appointment. Which will not be a problem.

She did a very quick and basic exam and made two notes. Vitamin deficient and thyroid. She noticed from my medical information that I was low in VitD and I told her I was low in other vitamins too. So she ran the blood work to make sure and we will go from there. I particularly asked about magnesium. She checked my breathing which is normal. Then she noticed the way I swallow and checked my throat and used the word enlarged. My mother had a very serious thyroid condition she had to take medicine for. If she didn’t have the medicine, she would start to have problems. She only could go without the medicine two or three days. We used to go get it for her. I believe it is hereditary. I could have it and not know. So she is doing an ultrasound on my throat. I have to call and make an appointment but at a different location. Still close to home though.

The appointment went great. I turned the flu shot down as usual but I am able to change my mind. I really don’t want one right now. I feel good and don’t want to spoil it. I will be scheduling that ultrasound as soon as possible and getting my monitor for my blood pressure. This doctor is recommended almost. I will be able to say more as I go to visit the office, which is really small and was crowded when I got there. I got my prescriptions and went out in the cold to smoke of course. Way too cold and windy for me so I walked, yes, walked across the street to the bakery and got a sandwich and a drink. Nice bakery too. Hoping my next appointment with this doctor goes as smoothly as this one did. I will let you all know.

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