Mortal Kombat XL

I play this game everyday and when I can’t sleep. I been trying all the female characters and am getting better at it but not good enough to play online. I play on PS4. I am not good at combos yet because you have to push those buttons so fast and in the correct order. I did another fatality yesterday by mistake. We are also playing Destiny 2 although I don’t have my own character yet. I play as him when he has something to run and do real quick. I keep him alive and do a good job. I died once but he didn’t even care. I wanted Pyre but I will wait until I get bored with these two games to buy it even though it was just on sale for $10. Me and my daughter can play that together and just take turns. Destiny 2 is too hard for her. Me, not so much. I was learning how to play Call of Duty years ago and we all play that and Elder Scrolls Morrowind. Maybe I will let her play COD tomorrow if she has time. I can pratice for Destiny 2. I need him to make me another warlock or I would have to play as him on D2. On COD, I would have to ask do I need to make my own person or not. I guess since I never really played it before that much, I don’t know how you start out. I know you got to get good weapons but…. So I would try to play from the beginning or play under my account. Gaming works good for me. I have Dystonia but I am still alive. My body might not work but my brain needs something to do. Even now. I was going to watch a movie but now I am going to play Mortal Kombat XL. Not ready to go to bed. My sleep schedule is off. This is around the time I wake up during the week.

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