Zippos are for life?!?!

I use the old wind proof wick and flint kind of lighter. My Zippo was supposedly broke and I couldn’t get a spark let alone a flame. I replaced the wick but not the flint. Then I replaced the flint 6 years later after cleaning the ash from the old flint out with something like a tooth pick and the spark came back. I had already bought another one because I thought since the wheel had stopped moving, the lighter needed to go back to Zippo for repair. I was ready to fill out the form but I wasn’t sure if my printer was working. I watched a few YouTube videos about DIY repairs and came across a video of a man mentioning something about the ash left over from the old flint would keep it from working and you needed to remove it. Technically, you can use a stick from a broom to do this. And that is what I used to push that ash out. You can see it if you look very closely. It looks just like black ashes.

After I cleaned my Zippo, I put the new flint back in and it is working fine. I gave one away because I don’t need two. I like to change the outer part as long as the inside works properly and I am not a collector. Just a fan. I like to light whatever I smoke with a Zippo. Especially cigars. Maintaining a Zippo with the wick and flint is very easy once you watch a few how to’s. It was working good one day and it stopped so I clipped the wick even with the chimney and it still had no spark. I figured it was simple and when it quit working, I blamed it on the person who kept using it instead of buying one of his own. Who also doesn’t know how to fix them or maintain them when it wasn’t really his fault. He was using it too much and the wheel got stuck. All this requires you to do is take the screw out and adjust it. While doing this, you can change the flint if you need to. As far as unscrewing the screw, just use the outer case of the lighter itself. Doesn’t scatch it and saves a little time.

When you smoke, you need your own lighter instead of asking people for a light. With all the money I spent on gas station lighters that only last a few months, I could have developed a collection of lighters by now. Just like a collection of shoes or coins. I like to change it up according to my mood. Today I still love to use the red one but I do like this Butterfly. It was one of the first Zippos I had and means the most to me. You can use this post for yourself or share with a friend. A good Zippo is about $30 or less sometimes and it is guaranteed either way. Fix it yourself or send it back for the lifetime guarantee. And it has to be an authentic Zippo lighter or the warranty does not apply. You should buy yours from Amazon or Zippo itself. Both websites have some beautiful ones. I want a torch lighter next. It is better for a pipe and really wind proof. Best for the weather here where I am in the Winter since it is windy.

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