Like a allergic reaction to something you smell or eat, you are not prepared because it is sudden. You can’t prevent a Dystonia Attack and having one is like having an Anxiety Attack. In fact, you can be having both at the same time. The best thing to do is to be prepared. Take your medicine with you when you leave your home. I wasn’t prepared at all. Since I have made some changes to my diet and medication, I haven’t had an attack in months. Once you have your first one which I can remember very well, you know that it can happen again no matter how much better you feel. This does not apply to everyone and some people have had Deep Brain Stimulation done which is a surgery that could eliminate most of or all of your symptoms. You have to qualify for this procedure and I do not qualify yet.

It’s hard to describe what an attack is like. And there are triggers that I have to avoid like stress which is impossible to avoid and loud arguing. Even if I am not the one that is loud. I am diagnosed with a ton of things including Dystonia and Occasional Tremors. Even as I type this, I am experiencing tremors probably from the loud noises in my environment. Noises that I have no control over that bother my ears as well. It makes it hard to concentrate right now and when I had the attack, I had been fine for days. I was just dealing with the tremors. My Dystonia Attack occurred before I could finish my wash day for my hair. I got into a very stressful and heated conversation and my body went haywire. I started to convulse and took a muscle relaxer. It helped slow those sudden movements and the shaking down but it didn’t stop the attack. I still was in the bed sitting and could barely move or talk. My speech was choppy and I was a bit out of breath from shaking like that. Someone suggested I try another type of medicine and at first, I said no. As the minutes passed, I decided I was going to go get some medicine in my pajamas because there was no way I could get dressed. I was way too stiff and in pain. I could only take a few steps at a time. I put on my favorite hoodie and headed towards the door in my house shoes.

Since I am trying to get my Marijuana License and already have my papers, I decided to go to the Dispensary that helped me renew everything. It is close to my house and owned by some friends of ours who also own a few other businesses in the neighborhood. Of course this wasn’t my first time there. It was my first time there again in some years. I thought it was going to look different now than it did back then. It didn’t but they have good, quality products for deals. I couldn’t decide what to get because there was limited options when it came down to strains. I went with what I knew would work, Fruity Pebbles because I smoke it all the time now. I just had ran out the night before I had the attack. I also asked for my free stuff since to him, I was a first time customer. The free stuff can sometimes be worth it depending on where you go. All I got was a free pre-rolled joint of something that wasn’t strong enough and that tasted terrible. But I was mixing it with the pebbles to stretch the pebbles. It worked wonders.

This is not an ad for anything or anyone. This method of natural remedy may not be good for those with Dystonia but it works for me. It is better than drinking or taking a bunch of pills all day long. I try to save the pain meds for emergencies. I don’t want to become addicted to pills like some of my family and friends. Medical Marijuana got me though the rest of the day and I haven’t had anymore attacks since I smoked it. I am not ashamed to say this. I want others to know that you don’t even have to smoke it. You can try the oils, edibles, topical rubs, or the tea like we make. I smoked out of desperation. I didn’t want to be immobile when my daughter got home from school. She noticed how I was walking and asked me what was wrong. I told her my legs hurt and that I needed to go lay down.

I am still recovering from the attack and under a lot of medical care. I have an appointment with the Internal Medicine doctor on Monday to address the swelling in my face, leg, ankles, and feet. Maybe she will be more helpful this time since I told them this was the reason why I was coming back in so soon. I was just there on the 19th of this month for my first appointment with her. My other appointment for Thursday morning went fine but I wasn’t able to see a doctor which made it almost like a waste of time. And it hurts to walk with all this swelling. The other doctor also came to the house like he said he would. He was late but I understand they are very busy. He took a look at my face and the swelling every where else and asked me what did I change or did I start a new medicine. Nope. I have dry mouth and have been drinking a lot more fluids. He said that maybe I was drinking too much and it was washing the electrodes out of my body making me feel weak and fatigued. He suggested I switch to Gatorade like my oldest cousin said. Gatorade 2 which I have never paid any attention to. He also said elevate your feet of course. Too many fluids? I was shocked but not surprised. That is what I was thinking to myself. I am retaining water. I didn’t think it was the amount according to your weight and each person is different. I suffer from dry mouth from the meds I take. Lots of fluids is what a friend suggested for it but others suggest the Biotene gum. Gum does help me with dry mouth and I am going to order some from Amazon when I order my hair products. I will still drink water, but not enough to be swollen up like a balloon. Pepsi is my favorite beverage of course. Going to elevate my feet for real when I lay back down and hope it helps. Decreasing my fluids will be the hardest part.


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