Three Products to try on your Natural Hair Part 2

The second product I recommend you should try will make some women stop perming their hair and try going all natural. Or not. It is for all hair types including extensions, wigs, and permed. I used this product on a Barbie head because the hair was tangled. Somebody told me to use fabric softener and water in a squirt bottle to untangle/detangle the hair but I hadn’t purchased any yet and was looking around the house for something to try on synthetic hair or as we like to call it, doll hair. This product works similar to a wig spray we used to detangle our extensions with. It is such an old product, you would think it would be harder to find or discontinued like some of the others products we like.


The Original Mane & Tail Detangler by Straight Arrow is the second product you should give a try if you have difficulty combing your hair. This product works excellent on adults and kids and is very inexpensive. I know some people would say why still use it? There are newer products on the market now. Why not? I still have the same bottle of it and it still works excellent. The Mane & Tail Leave in Conditioner by Straight Arrow is what we used in high school to make our hair lay down when we all had perms and wore our hair in wraps. The detangler that usually comes in a 12 oz. size could last you at least a year or maybe even more.

The first ingredient in this product is water which is something I look for in all hair products I use. For me, this is a plus and the fact that it comes in a spray bottle makes it easier for me to use. If you prefer not to let the smell of your hair take over like a perfume, this product is for you as it barely has a scent. You can use an oil with some scent and use this to keep it detangled. It has the consistency of a water and does not cause build up in your hair like other products might which is why I still use it on my  hair every now and then to make it comb through with no problems.

You can find this product easily online. I found some in a local store but a lot of Beauty Supply stores stopped selling it. This could be a local problem, or it just isn’t available like it used to be. By request I tried this on her hair and she had no problems. I really only used it on her ends because as we all know, they are the hardest part to comb especially if you don’t trim yours like me. I don’t trim hers ends either. I like to stretch my hair with braids in different styles or curls. This is where the first product comes in at. Styling. This product is for maintenance.