African American Trades & Goods

African American Trades & Goods

African American Trades & Goods is a classified listing for skilled trades, goods and services, youth outreach, community organizing, and networking of all small businesses to boost economic growth in our communities. Our goals are skilled labor, health, and over all common knowledge. Participation from the community is needed.

The Founder of African American Trades & Goods is Tom Wilson, and I am a member. The type of service I provide is promotion through various social media outlets. I support youth outreach and think that it is crucial for our communities to keep the youth in mind when needing services. I believe that the community needs to become more organized and I am going to make the first step by networking with the people of the community. It starts with the neighborhood. It starts with small businesses.

I am a retired hair dresser from the Metro Detroit area and also a mother. I would like to know where to find goods, and services in my area. The places you might ride by and miss or people you may want services from will be available on the African American Trades & Goods website in the form of a list for free for as long as we can keep it that way. Many of you have Natural Hair websites that feature product reviews which is the same direction I am going in.

I will also be featuring natural hair styles and products, skin care, and over all beauty and well being on my website as a member. All pictures posted on this website before May 2, 2018 are a small example of what I am trying to do. I took them myself with a broken phone just to get this website started and I do apologize. I have tremors and can barely hold a camera steady. The photos needed to be edited but I have difficulty seeing and thought they were fine until I got to a computer. I will still add photos to the post as needed, but in a more professional way. Please be patient as the ideas of this website change.