Hennessy is good

I drink Crown Royal Black and he likes Hennessy Black. Depending on who got the money determines what we drink. He seems to be celebrating because he didn’t buy black this time. This time he bought Hennessy Master Blends No. ? I saw that bottle and had to look twice because it looked so expensive. Like more expensive than Patron. Which is his other drink. All of that is too strong for me. I tried to mix it with different stuff but on ice is how I drink Hennessy and Patron. Crown Royal Black I drink straight. No ice and no chaser.

I looked closely at the bottle because it was nice as hell. Excuse my language. I remember everything but the number. It is so expensive that won’t nobody will buy it but so good that I would go in half on a bottle of it. It cost $80 and looks like a fifth. I’m not sure. It may be a pint. You only need a few shots to feel it. Kicks in fast like certain Marijuana does. Too much of either would be terrible. It is so smooth that I can and did do a shot with him. He didn’t pay $80 of course. We can get ours on a discount and know the store owner. It was half off. $40 well spent dollars if you like Cognac. I would smoke a Al Capone dipped Cognac cigar with it. Just because it’s just that good.