U use a pipe to smoke?

Behind closed doors I do. Most people just roll up but I can’t roll. I have to learn how to do it all over again. Trying to roll up anything when are shaking just isn’t going to happen. It’s hard enough for me to break down. I use a grinder sometimes. I smoke blunts and joints. Next time I am going to try to roll a joint. I like to do stuff that requires me to think first. How am I going to do it. I used to roll up twice a day with Swisher’s. I bought them by the case to save money. I was buying strawberry to cover up the taste of the depensary’s medical. Some of it worked but had a bad taste. I like mine to taste good.

Piping it gives you the actual taste as long as you keep your pipe clean. A gram of something that works really good will last me 3 days. I have low tolerance to some strains. And it depends on where I got it from. I tried a new dispensary today and got a free sample of some type of pre rolled. It tasted like it smelled. I wouldn’t buy it. I got what they call Fruity pebbles today. Last thing I tried was Wedding Cake 🍰 which they do keep but it cost more of course. Their prices were good for the selection they had. I am going to a different one next time. It is really nice and big. They sell Kosher which is for pain.

Many people with my disability are scared to try it. I tried it because I ran out of pills. It can happen to anybody. The pipe I bought because I love the way it looks and it breaks down into three pieces. It is easy to clean with water and pipe cleaners. The bowl is too small for some people, but not me. I medicate a little bit at a time. I normally smoke only Indica. Works good for the body and you don’t feel to amped up. The free one I was puffing on is now in the pipe. Somebody had to teach me how to use a pipe. I used to hate for my eyes to be red. The glasses I keep learning to wear because of that reason. Plus the help keep sunlight out my eyes since they are so sensitive now.

I appreciate delivery and my papers for my license were delivered to me ready to go. When I was feeling better, I went up there to visit the owners. The hold up was that doctor was out of town. When he got back in, he called me right away and I sent him my medical info from my last appointment. My papers were ready the next day. I was getting frustrated on how long it was taking. Like that pipe took 2 weeks or more to come. The new tablet comes next month.

Since he quit that job, it really don’t matter. I would think that they fired him and he just didn’t want to say. But they were calling. He was calling about a roofing job.

My hair is washed, detangled and oiled. I also did a blow out. After all that, my Dystonia started acting up. My pipe was ready and clean just in case I could go get something or have it delivered. So I went out dressed for spring with my favorite hoodie on. Thanks to that muscle relaxer I took. I was in that bad of shape and have been laying down since I got back. I can relax now and maybe get some sleep.


Strangly enough me and my daughter have appointments on the same day. Her hair still looks good. My cousin did a good job. Both me and my daughter are seeing new doctor’s today. Got to thinking about how much we have to do today. I want to go to her appointment but would miss mine. I need to get established with this doctor and the Hospital right away. Especially with my eye swelling up during my sleep last night. It has went down to almost normal thanks to warm compressions.

I am not that cold but am still shaking. So, occasional tremors is an understatement. I have them daily. The PT noticed it when he was checking my vitals. Tremor in the right arm. And now in my index finger on my left hand. All this is new. I can’t hold the phone and take good pictures. I take them but it is really hard. Luckily I am right handed. I wrote all this out during my hair break so it would be easier to post. I can post via phone, tablet, or laptop when it is available. But for typing out the post and proof reading it, I need the laptop. The tablet would be my next choice. We have a Samsung Galaxy 4. I like it but it is time for me a new one soon. After I pay off the ones my daughter broke.

I have 8 more braids to do and then I can take another nap. If it’s not too windy, I will wear it out. Otherwise, I am still wearing a scarf. I will just put the scarf in my purse until my head gets cold. I decided to rebraid the same way I did when I posted about my hair. Peppermint Oil and Jane Carter’s. It feels and looks really healthy despite the fact that it needs to be washed. I have been growing it for over a year and started with brush waves. I bought products that were good for our hair and have been using them regularly.

I post as much informative stuff on here as I can and as time permits. The blog hasn’t even been up a week and I am enjoying it again. Today I decided not to talk too much about Dystonia. It doesn’t define me. I have it and I know but it is not who I am. I still have to get up and function the best I can every day. I take morning meds, night meds and other meds through they day to do this. I don’t take as many as I used to but I know I am not taking too many medications. I feel better and better each day with bad days in between. The Pepsi gives me energy, but is bad for my health and I smoke a lot which is also bad at 40. I am doing good though. And I am happy with that. I can care for my child without too much help when her father is at work. I like this because I get to spend more time with her. Especially on a good day which I hope today is for all of us. Wondering what we are doing this weekend. My hair will still be done either way which is comforting.

Using fore arm crutches

Doing your blog from your phone is easy but it’s too small for me. I need to update the tablet with these pictures so I can write from it. The website we used the lap top for. I haven’t been able to read any blogs yet. I just got back on WordPress. Thank you for reading and for the likes and follows. I am sharing this on Twitter and Facebook.

I am learning how to use these and carry a purse at the same time. For the doctors appointments. I just woke up because I forgot to take my medicine. Technically I have 3 hours to kill. The water is helping with the dry mouth from the pills so I keep some by the bed.

I told my doctor instead of being in a wheelchair, I wanna use these. These are covered by Medicare but cheaper than the standard. Standard are 8lbs. I can’t lift 8lbs so I could barely use them. These were special ordered. I picked them out on line. Now I am get ready to start my on physical therapy. I just got to look the exercises up for my legs. I need to do them every day now to get ready for spring. I wanna get out the house more this summer.

I can use these but do need more training. The more I go out, the better I get at using them but when I have paperwork, where do I put it. In my purse which holds everything I may need when I am out except a flashlight for a key ring so I can unlock the doors easier. Need to order one.

The purse has all the medical stuff in it. Not too heavy to carry. The more stuff I have to carry, the more challenging it is. I am free for two days before my next appointment and might go out tomorrow. My daughter is going to the Dentist. More practice for me. I have to check the weather. Friday I am finally going to meet my new PCP from my new hospital. Hopefully my blood pressure is better so I can stop taking these pills. They have to keep it monitored now. My hair needs washing but I can wait. It still looks okay with the braid out. Just trying a new product out and waiting to see if I am getting it dyed or not.

These crutches work great for balance. With a Zanaflex, you could train yourself how to use them. It’s not that hard because they are like having two canes and way better than a wheelchair. The blue ones I couldn’t find so these are rather plain. They suggested decorative tape which I did find online. You just wrap it around neatly. I can’t get another cane until it warms up. I am more comfortable using these which I don’t see many people with. If you need some fore arm crutches, go to Drive website. That’s who makes them and I recommend these. 👍🤗