Wash Day

No it is not the day we wash our clothes. It is the day we wash our hair. The reason why it is a whole day thing is because of conditioning. I don’t just wash and condition and be done. Not even with my daughter’s hair. I washed and conditioned her hair with the products below but for my hair, I use two extra products. Two different masque which all together leaves my hair completely tangle free. My wash day is either today or tomorrow.

My daughter gets her hair done by me and various family members that like to do kids hair. I washed her with the products below and then added the kids product in the picture to detangle it. I used cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the first time on her hair and it turned out very nice. She has about 10 French Braids in the back with berets, and she has two buns which she wanted right above her ears for some reason. She also wanted them to be big so I made them as big as I could without using rubber bands to hold the buns together. I used hair ties instead which I absolutely love for doing buns and larger pony tails.

I will be adding pictures of the products we are using as I go along to the Products We Use section for natural hair. I have been all natural for 6 years and I would like my daughter to stay all natural as long as she can. Some of us can’t find the right products to use for maintenance like I couldn’t. I started like most of us do using almost all the products that Cantu makes and washing and conditioning with the Pantene 2 in 1 so that it would be easier. Pantene makes good products and they also have a new line of products that just came out that I am not ready to try. Cantu made my hair grow and made it easy to comb but it left it looking like it was lacking shine and moisture.  I switched from Pantene 2 in 1 to the shampoo and conditioners in the picture. All of these products add one thing that my natural hair was missing at first. MOISTURE. My hair was dry and dull with no shine at all until I stopped using the other products. I am not a critic, but I am learning what my hair like besides Olive Oil.

Since my husband is over worked and under paid at his current job, he is upset today. Not the kind of upset where he takes it out on me or anything. Upset at the way his boss is trying to get him to basically do extra work for free even on the weekends and Holidays. He can quit this job like he been wanting to since the beginning and concentrate on the website African American Trades & Goods and I can work on both of the websites which I would love to do. I hate advertising his website so early but it is complete. We just need to add the businesses. We have two on the website already that are local. We are adding local businesses first and adding the online shopping to the site after we get all the licenses and a disclaimer. Feel free to visit and subscribe to it now while he is keeping it free. At some point there will be a small subscription fee or donations area to help pay for expenses.

Now he needs a solid plan. Or another job lined up. Since he is a roofer, he already has a job lined up. He is also going to start his other business back up. But as the song go, we would be living a rough lifestyle for minute until the money starts coming in. Since his boss disappeared for a month or so, I remember what it was like when we didn’t have that extra income. That’s why we made two websites basically around the same time. Mine is more for pleasure at this point and his is stickily business.

I made this website in no time and he was mad about me using his laptop to post to my website. Now that he sees more of what I can do, the more he needs my help which is cool. And keeps me busy. We just got to rotate like with the PlayStation. Take turns. I wanna play Mortal Kombat XL. I am just going to take all my braids out today. I braided it with that Jane Carter’s Wrap Set Roll and it will look just fine today. Save energy and get some rest today. I stay on Twitter a lot though too. I like it a lot more than I do Facebook. It’s like PlayStation 4 VS. Nintendo Switch to me. I can use either or but I do have a preference. Twitter gives you more information faster. Facebook is about family and friends. I don’t have that many on there or in real life. I only deal with certain people. I get my medicine much easier that way. Our friend’s from the neighborhood store where able to renew my Medical Marijuana License with out me having to go back to the doctor. I had to pay them $60 to get everything and the doctor called me and asked about my condition. He said any resent medical documentation would be more helpful and asked me to send copies if I hade any. He had just got back into town from vacation. I sent the pictures of all my stuff to them and they handled everything. I can go get me some medicine now, or have me some delivered. Whatever we smoke later is on me and I need some more of what I have right now. Don’t need to take a muscle relaxer. One pill down. Next…..  Drink more water.