This website features some poetry, written mainly by me. It will not contain a lot of poetry but every now and then, I will post a poem with the authors name listed. 99% of this poetry is written by me and I have all the original work.

I love to write no matter how many people like or comment, I will still be writing. I started writing when I was very young and made it a goal to keep writing and to let others be able to read what I wrote. My real goal now is to make a small book of poetry and see if I can get any where.

Some of the poems you read here are very old and full of profanity. I try to label them accordingly. The kind of poetry I write is consider to be “Dark” but that is what another person called it. I just write about how I am feeling at the moment or what is going on in my life at the time.

Every poem you read is copyright protected on purpose and the main reason why you won’t find a lot of poetry here. I do not want my material to be used by other people. It has happened to me before and I refuse to let it happen again. Registered & Protected