Products We Tried

This section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and is for the products we tried that didn’t work for us. There will be pictures of these products here.

This is an example and a product we tried but will not use again.


Kid’s Originals Protein & Vitamin Fortified Healthy Hair and Scalp Remedy was a product I bought on a hair day. I tried it on my own hair and my daughters’ since it’s supposed to be for kids. I used it on my scalp once to see how it would do and it did alright. My hair seemed to have a build up after I used it the one time.

I tried it on my daughters’ hair next. I was hoping she would have better luck with it than I did but the results were worse. Her hair dried up everyday so I would use it daily and noticed that she was scratching her scalp after I applied it. She was allergic to it and I had to give it away. I am using a new oil that I made mixed with a product I love. I don’t know if we just had bad luck with this product or others are having problems. I bought it because it worked in my little cousins’ hair. I won’t be buying this product again mainly because of her allergies but also it is too heavy on the hair. That filmy look that your hair has. When it looks dull. That is usually from product build up and you need to wash your hair. She is still itching after not using this product for over a week.