A bit more inspiration


I love to get hair ideas from what I watch. I loved the hairstyles in Badlands and used those ideas to do my own hair in up-do’s. This link is to an article highlighting the numerous actresses choosing to show off their natural hair. I just wanted someone else to be as happy about that as I am.

Styling natural hair can be hard. You run out of ideas sometimes and need a little inspiration. Just looking at these actresses with their different hairstyles, hair lengths, and hair types made me think of more ways to wear my hair.

I found this article very interesting. Sorry that I am late with posting the link to it but I have been a bit under the weather.

Fairy Knots, Goodbye


First I did a dusting for practice, and then trimmed my ends. I had to look this up to find out what it was called and what to do about my ends to prevent this from happening again.

I am going to do hot oil treatments every two weeks with a pre poo before. This method works great for my hair in it’s best condition ever.

I have my hair braided in a design in the front just past my ears so I can keep the ends moist with OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil Dry & Course Hair.

Fairy knots are a huge problem with my hair and I am trying to prevent them. I will do a product review of OGX in the up coming weeks. I am also trying the conditioner.