A system cleaning

I did not realize what was going on with me until about 5 days ago. I am not affected by them Opioid Crisis at all even though I do take pain medication. My doctor warned me ahead of time thankfully. I started weening off all pills because of the thought of addiction or a better term for it, dependence. I don’t want to need to take a pill to feel better every single time I am in pain or stiff or etc. As you get order, those pills will eat the lining of your stomach. I have been on some sort of pain medication since I was 12 taking Naproxen. Since 2009, I have been very careful with the amount of medication I take. Mainly because I have a child and need to stay alert when she is under my care.

Dystonia makes you feel old before your time and the treatment can sometimes be 11 to 12 pills a day or more. At some point I had too much medication. And I needed to take most of it to function. Times are different now. Now I have the Marijuana Card or license back, I need less pills. The bad news is that I am purposely weening myself off all these pills. But I am suffering from withdrawal. It is not bad and I had it worse when I was dependant on Klonopin. I had constant migraines. I would have to take a pill just to get some relief. This time I don’t know what pills are causing the withdrawal. It feels like I need something like a cigar, but I don’t. I am a bit jittery but I am not twitching or shaking too much in the day time. At night I am jerking and waking myself up out of my sleep.

I am micro dosing the Marijuana to get me through the day with the least amount of pills as possible. The withdrawal syptoms would be really hard to deal with if I wasn’t able to get the Medical Marijuana. The nausea and vomiting is withdrawal too. That was the warning sign and also a good sign. I am getting this medicine out of my system slowly. If I do it too fast, I wouldn’t be able to afford to smoke my medicine because I would need more. Luckily the growers are trying to help me and cutting me some deals at the shop. They noticed how I was walking and could immediately tell it was my ankles now. I am going to get my compression stockings today or tomorrow and also that blood pressure monitor. I also need to put the prescription in for the water pills because we do know that I am retaining water for sure. What we don’t know yet is the reason why and I don’t think the x-rays will give us the answer although I am still going to have them done.

With this pen and a little strain mixing, I am able to function well through the day with some pain. The pain would be worse if I didn’t vape or smoke something. It is an article out about how dangerous it is to vape oil because of the tar. Tar? It also says that we as consumers do not know what is in the oil. Why we don’t? I know who it came from. A grower who sells to the shop and the shop sells very good oil. It has been tested and they can explain to you what is in it. People are laughing at the article but it does show how ignorant some people can be. I would be more concerned with the Marijuana itself and how it was grown since I am putting it in my body. All my doctor’s support it but one. The pain management doctor who comes to the house. The bottom line is that I look and feel much more alert and functional in the morning especially.

I have been able to get up with my daughter every day before she goes to school. The withdrawal she can not tell. It is not noticable. I can do her hair on one day and mine on the next. I have been doing %80 of everything from my bed because of the swelling. Right now it is my feet. They are puffy. My daughter knows I have to rest a lot and she also knows that my eye swelling up is worse than my ankles. She knows how it feels because it happened to her once and we do not know the exact cause. We do know it was her allergies and she needed to go to the ER. I just use a hot towel but would be so embarrassed if I had to go to work with my eye almost swollen closed. It affects your vision. And I have a droopy eye already that they wanted to do surgery on. I am able to keep my daughter while he is away handling business which I am proud of. I do not want to be absent during the important parts of her life. I haven’t took anymore pictures yet but I got the camera on the phone working better.

I will be adding more pictures to this blog soon. Not of me but of the products we use for our hair and other products I love. The movie section is empty for a reason. I haven’t watched a movie in some time. I have been reading more and playing the game. I still haven’t been able to play Destiny 2 that much. I always choose to play Mortal Kombat XL because I am getting better at it. I am finally used to wearing my glasses now. I usually don’t wear them in the house but I need to start trying more. I need to get up and put them on first. The Dystonia spread to my eyes years ago. My eyes are very sensitive to light. Even the TV and the phones. All the things that we use. I adjusted my devices that I own to my vision needs. The televisions in here are adjusted with more brightness so to watch certain movies, I need to wear the glasses to be on the safe side and for when I am playing the game too. I suffer from eye fatigue. Fatigue period. I can get through the withdrawal syptoms with this vape pen and a few other items that I am going to get. Cleaning my system out at this exact time if very important. At times, I clean all the Marijuana from my system to lower my tolerance. This way, I don’t get burnt out on cannabis.


Braided out


I have been doing braid outs with different products to see what worked the best. I tried something that made it poufy but cute. This is the product I used to do it with which I love. I didn’t need that much of it and even though I haven’t washed my hair yet, it still looks healthy. Too cold here to be out without something over your head. I braid it out every other day or so since I am not working anymore. Getting ready for spring in my mind. I usually where it braided anyway.

This product works excellent in my hair and is for twist, wraps, and rollers. It is very light on my hair and it is a mousse. I been playing around with my hair tyring to figure out what hair style I want next. I have two free days. I guess I will wash it tomorrow. But when I braid it this time, I will be using this. It gave my hair curls and added moisture to it. I don’t want to even lay down on it until my family gets home. I hate sleeping on a braid out but I am not braiding it back this time. Time for wash day.

Now I am going to put some two strand twist in the front and see if they hold. I want some bantu knots. Or some flat twist. I know I have to something to it this weekend since we have no plans.

Pain management

Now, when I go to the pain doctor I have to give a urine sample. New law. I can go to any office from this franchise and do it. It was annoying but it was fine. I would rather give a swab which they said I couldn’t do. The purpose of the new law is to make sure you are either taking your meds (controlled substances) as prescribed or are you taking too many. Do you take them at all? That’s what they want to know.

I had to give them a sample 3 days before the appointment. Ok. Why? For my pain meds. I have a lot of pain in a lot of places. I will take a pain med if I need to and the bottle says that. My Norco and Valium are controlled substances now. They work but I am used to them. I do need both.

After your sample is processed, they send it to the lab. At your appointment, they already know the results. If you have too much or none, you get a warning. After that warning, if you do it again, they kick you out the program. I do run out of meds though and the pharmacy be without them too. You have to wait for them. 1 to 3 weeks for me. Not it my system if I ran out and the pharmacy ran out. So they call and check with the pharmacy to make sure they don’t have any. Then you are okay.

My appointment was today and like many people with Dystonia, I couldn’t sleep last night. I decided not to take my sleeping med which was silly. I just wasn’t ready to go to bed. I picked my clothes out and did my hair yesterday. All I really needed to do was take a shower and let my pores close before I go outside. It’s hard to get dressed for some of us. Hard to mentally prepare. But I plan two days ahead so it’s easier. I use my calendar alerts.  Sometimes we have to reschedule because of the fatigue and pain. And in the winter time, we are stiff like frozen food. Hard to get things done.

I noticed it had snowed and my husband was late. How am I going to get out the house with these fore arm crutches in the snow? So since it was about an inch or so, I had to SWEEP ME A PATH TO THE DRIVEWAY. He was running so late that I was getting upset. We made it there on time but it was crowded with people in this cold weather. Luckily no one was in front of me and surprise, my doc is having a baby. She’s my new doc for now anyway. We know each other and the last time I was there, they said I was unstable and needed to be put in a wheelchair. Nope. That was temporary. My potassium, sodium, and magnesium were low. When I wasn’t culvusing, I was really tired. I am better now and adding them to my diet.

My weight is up and I look much better is what she said. Their only concern with me is the pain and spasming. No more real culvusing after I got that magnesium the first time. Now I need more. All my meds have been refilled and don’t have to go back for 3 months. She didn’t know about me having the other health problems so she did update to my chart.

Blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, and allergy meds are what are new. Plus I have an inhaler now for shortness of breath from convulsing like that. It was giving me panic attacks and I was Hyperventilating. I carry it with me now just in case. I had to use it one time so far.


How we Dystonians wash our hair and when

These are pictures from wash day. The Eco Styler I only use on my edges and it does build up over time but not that bad. The spray I use for shine and hydration which is OGX Coconut Oil Mist. I don’t have a picture of the Olive Oil but I use that as I let my hair air dry for a day or so. 

How I wash my hair is harder than it used to be. I have to do it in the bathtub with a pillow on the floor for my knees. I used to stand up and do it in the kitchen sink with the sprayer but that sink isn’t working that well. I pick a day when I have nothing planned usually every two weeks. Maybe more and I do my wash routine. Doesn’t take long. I put it in four ponytails until I can get finished or more time. This week I am going to blow dry it sense I have never blow dried my natural hair. I would like to see if it will lay down so I can wrap it or make two puffs. Haven’t decided yet.

It’s not washed yet because I was about to dye it Strawberry Blonde but we are using the powder. A bit more complicated. But I have an appointment tomorrow and spent the day with my daughter. We had fun and after she went to bed, I spent some time with her father. Quality time. 

I am rebraiding my hair right now. 19 braids with two left. I can wear a braid out or a matching scarf to my shirt. Will see how it looks later on. May wear it braided for a day. The usual. Once I wash it, I try to braid it in big block braids that are easy to maintain. But I need time to do it. A lot of appointments coming up for me and my daughter. 

To wash, I use what is below first. I stand and get on the floor. Takes about an half hour with the two conditioners. Then I add the 3rd conditioning treatment. A masque that stays on 30 minutes. I follow that with a 15 minute masque and rinse. Part it in four ponytails and put the Olive Oil on it. Leaves it butter soft and easy to comb. 

Even though my hair is a bit dirty, I haven’t used too many products. Time to wash what I did use in it out. Trying a new product for twist, wrap or roll. I will post about it when I see the results. I am tired with two braids left and 1 hour and 15 minutes before I have to get up. I should be fine. Taking a nap before I go to the doctor and I have a snack. 


We should all quit doing it and we know that. I smoke a specific type of cigars that are Lady like. I smoke Lex 12 Nappa Nights and Al Capone Cognac dipped no filter in the pack. Both of these you can get online, but they sell Al Capone Cognac dipped no filter cigars at the store. $10 a pack. My other cigars they only sell online. When I run out of Lex 12 Nappa Nights cigars, I used to smoke Black & Milds. Now I pay the money and no more Black & Milds because they make me have a chronic cough that isn’t that bad but it is there and shouldn’t be. No other cigars or cigarettes make me cough like that. Plus I smoke a little bit extra anyway.

I hate to cough because I have Dystonia and it hurts when I cough. I have an inhaler for shortness of breath but not Asthma like my daughter has a breathing machine if she gets a cough plus antibiotics and steroids. We both have allergies and some smoke is too thick for her. It makes her cough. I hooked an old air purifier up for both of us. It makes us cold but still works. It just needs to be cleaned. It we suck the smoke out the room completely.

I also smoke Medical Marijuana for relaxing the muscles. I had some early and now I am very relaxed mentally and physically. I surely can’t smoke around my child. Have to wait until bedtime. She is 7 and goes to bed around 10:00pm. This air purifier got me shaking but I need to put on some pants. Legs cold.

That was easy but I had to run down the stairs and back to use the bathroom. Out of breath but not to bad. I had to get a Pepsi since I was downstairs. I can only drink 2 a day. After that I am stickly water. Pop give me energy. Too much sometimes but it works. For dry mouth I got to drink something. The amount of meds I am taking makes my mouth stay dry. I need the Biotene gum or just Biotene period. The spray is easy to find online. It’s popular.

I can’t smoke anything right now. With my daughter and my Husband relaxing. And I can breathe good right now. Did my Buddhist thing this morning and afternoon. I know you not supposed to smoke like this. I would never call myself an actual Buddhist because I am redoing the online course. As time permits. Plus I am writing a book of poetry written by me. Kinda busy right now. Won’t be able to post everyday but this blog did good the first time and is doing good now. It’s the same name but different Profile and was easy to make. I am still adding as much as I need in the menu.

Going to the doctor tomorrow with my hair like this. Just need to spray some oil in it. 1 year and 4 months of growth in that picture. My family likes it like this.