Three Products to try on your Natural Hair Part 1

I don’t use these products every single day nor all the time. They are products that were effective on my hair and that I keep in the house in case if I need them. None of them are overly expensive but they do cost more than some of the products you find in the local beauty supply store. All three of these products make a noticeable improvement to my hair and scalp and they all make your hair soft and easy to comb. I fortunately do not have to detangle anymore after switching from some of the products I was using when I first started growing my hair which was a year and 6 months ago almost to this date. I had tons of products that simply didn’t do anything good or were bad for my hair. Some made my hair look terrible. I began with Cantu products at first and I still use a product made by that company, but not the whole line of products anymore. I looked for things that gave your hair and scalp moisture and that were water based first and then moved on from there. I also wanted products that were as close to natural as I could get.


This first product is Eco Natural Cocktail Super Fruit Curl Complex Smoothing and Moisture Recovery Curl & Style Crème. It is exactly what the description says and is a pleasure to use. It gives you some hold but not to the point of causing damage or breakage and actually adds moisture to your hair. You can actually comb your hair and change the style without even washing your hair which means you can use this for hold and not worry about combing your hair out to re braid because it holds firmly the more that you apply. For a lighter hold, you simply just use less of this product. This worked great for my edges, braids, braid outs, twist, and bantu knots. It is some what like a gel but much more creamy. I use it on a regular basis for my hair particularly on my edges and the ends of my hair. If it can hold my ends together without me having to use rubber bands, than it should work on most hair types. Best of all is the smell. It smells like fruit.

The other two products will be featured on this website during the week. The construction of this site is going well. I have added and removed some things to make it look and feel more neat. My hair is growing healthy for a change and this product allows me to play with various looks and styles. I am finally able to get my hair into a ponytail that sits in the top. A high pony except there are no extensions or anything of that nature in it. The reason why I am doing this in 3 parts is so the site has fresh content daily especially during the week. The repetitive featured image problem that I was having and the bad photo problem should be resolved. Even though I am not a photographer, I still want the pictures to make people more interested in giving the products a try on their hair. Meanwhile, I am gathering the materials to make my own hair and scalp oils. I like aromatherapy and I also like essential oils.



Protective Hair Styles

Protective hair styles are styles that seal in moisture like braids and twist. I keep my hair in a protective style and add oils and something for hold as needed. My hair is growing good and my scalp is no longer dry. I made an oil that is unisex and should relieve itching and dryness of the scalp and give a bit of aromatherapy in one swoop. I am using it on my hair and two other family members. They have Eczema so without a protective style, they have to apply the oil to their hair everyday. Scalp every other day or two. The good thing is that I was able to try it on someone besides myself and I remember the recipe. I am running out of this oil fast but can make some more to sell or for personal use. I am thinking of trying to sell it. Keep the price really low at the beginning since I would just be selling it to friends and family. Just thinking ahead like I am about my next hair style since I braid my own hair for now anyway. I try to keep it as simple but cute as I can.

My normal protective hair style required rubber bands at the ends because my hair is thick and I like the bigger sized braids. Especially if I am doing the hair. I am now rubber band free. It has grown enough for me not to even need the rubber bands at all. I just need something for hold on the ends. I have been paying very close attention to them and they are not split or damaged anymore. They were dry too and that is no longer the case. I do not use water to detangle because I do not need to detangle anymore. The products I use speak for themselves and are in the products we use section of this sight. Most of the products I use, I order from Amazon and the rest I get in the neighborhood. Olive Oil is always the base oil or carrier oil right now. I may switch to a different carrier oil soon. You can get a starter set at a really good price and sometimes on sale. Then you start your blend. I know other ladies who are doing the same thing. We could start this business right away and really take off during the Spring.

My first tester was me. After I liked it, I tried it on my daughters’ hair. And also her scalp. Her scalp did well and so did her hair where I put the braids. She liked the way it smelled. Her scalp stayed moist for a few days. The part that I braided is still moist and it has been this way for over a week. Her father was next. He says it worked on his hair for a day or so. Before I run out of this kind, I need another females’ opinion. Men don’t necessarily care about which oil to use in their hair. My daughters’ father likes Pantene for Natural or Permed hair. It is a good product but very heavy. I like light weight oils to prevent build up and to keep it from getting so dirty so fast. Even the gel I use for my hair contains oils and is light weight.

I don’t know exactly what is making my hair grow so fast. I was doing the not using oil on your scalp anymore challenge until my head started itching and I noticed those flakes. Since I have been oiling my scalp regularly, those flakes have disappeared. My daughters’ hair is also growing and we try to keep hers braided to promote growth and seal in moisture. This is the first time I grew my hair this long and decided to keep growing it. Next month I am cashing out on hair products. I am a little behind.




Strangly enough me and my daughter have appointments on the same day. Her hair still looks good. My cousin did a good job. Both me and my daughter are seeing new doctor’s today. Got to thinking about how much we have to do today. I want to go to her appointment but would miss mine. I need to get established with this doctor and the Hospital right away. Especially with my eye swelling up during my sleep last night. It has went down to almost normal thanks to warm compressions.

I am not that cold but am still shaking. So, occasional tremors is an understatement. I have them daily. The PT noticed it when he was checking my vitals. Tremor in the right arm. And now in my index finger on my left hand. All this is new. I can’t hold the phone and take good pictures. I take them but it is really hard. Luckily I am right handed. I wrote all this out during my hair break so it would be easier to post. I can post via phone, tablet, or laptop when it is available. But for typing out the post and proof reading it, I need the laptop. The tablet would be my next choice. We have a Samsung Galaxy 4. I like it but it is time for me a new one soon. After I pay off the ones my daughter broke.

I have 8 more braids to do and then I can take another nap. If it’s not too windy, I will wear it out. Otherwise, I am still wearing a scarf. I will just put the scarf in my purse until my head gets cold. I decided to rebraid the same way I did when I posted about my hair. Peppermint Oil and Jane Carter’s. It feels and looks really healthy despite the fact that it needs to be washed. I have been growing it for over a year and started with brush waves. I bought products that were good for our hair and have been using them regularly.

I post as much informative stuff on here as I can and as time permits. The blog hasn’t even been up a week and I am enjoying it again. Today I decided not to talk too much about Dystonia. It doesn’t define me. I have it and I know but it is not who I am. I still have to get up and function the best I can every day. I take morning meds, night meds and other meds through they day to do this. I don’t take as many as I used to but I know I am not taking too many medications. I feel better and better each day with bad days in between. The Pepsi gives me energy, but is bad for my health and I smoke a lot which is also bad at 40. I am doing good though. And I am happy with that. I can care for my child without too much help when her father is at work. I like this because I get to spend more time with her. Especially on a good day which I hope today is for all of us. Wondering what we are doing this weekend. My hair will still be done either way which is comforting.

Cooking dinner.

Something like a luxury. I like to cook it now. It’s just hard to cook with tremors. He asked me to finish cooking the sausage for dinner but I have no idea what we are eating. I am not type of person that takes pictures of anything. My hands be shaking or my finger. I could take a muscle relaxer but I have my daughter and they make you sleepy.

I woke up with my eye swollen almost closed. The second time in a month. I am tired. At least my body is which a lot of people don’t understand. My body feel like I been fighting. Not pain but drained of energy. I had no caffeine today. My husband and family asked me to stop drinking so much. I been drinking water all day and organizing everything for my appointment with the new PCP. Haven’t had a PCP in years. I am hopeful about this doctor though. Internal Medicine. The kind of primary care physician people with Dystonia need. Too tired to do my hair but I am not missing this appointment. I will wear a scarf like usual and what my husband asked me to wear when I am riding in the car with him. It will be a lot warmer tomorrow than today anyway.

My hair need to be braided in the at night before and took in the morning. If I have to go out. I can’t sleep on it unless it’s braided. To hard to untangle. I could braid it back. I have 19 braids. There is a girl on Facebook who charge $1 a braid who could braid it back. She is advertising. And looks young. It would only be about $25 if I were to do it. Infact. I need to ask her how much she would charge. Just braid them back with that same product. My hair is dirty but not that dirty. Not by appearance. I’ll just wear a scarf. One that matches my clothes to the doctor. I have to finish cooking my daughter food. She’s hungry but I am not yet. I will be in a few hours. After I finish my hair. Husband says leave it like it is because it doesn’t look dirty. So did my daughter so I will spray it with some oil. I will post about it soon. Works great!

Braided out


I have been doing braid outs with different products to see what worked the best. I tried something that made it poufy but cute. This is the product I used to do it with which I love. I didn’t need that much of it and even though I haven’t washed my hair yet, it still looks healthy. Too cold here to be out without something over your head. I braid it out every other day or so since I am not working anymore. Getting ready for spring in my mind. I usually where it braided anyway.

This product works excellent in my hair and is for twist, wraps, and rollers. It is very light on my hair and it is a mousse. I been playing around with my hair tyring to figure out what hair style I want next. I have two free days. I guess I will wash it tomorrow. But when I braid it this time, I will be using this. It gave my hair curls and added moisture to it. I don’t want to even lay down on it until my family gets home. I hate sleeping on a braid out but I am not braiding it back this time. Time for wash day.

Now I am going to put some two strand twist in the front and see if they hold. I want some bantu knots. Or some flat twist. I know I have to something to it this weekend since we have no plans.

How we Dystonians wash our hair and when

These are pictures from wash day. The Eco Styler I only use on my edges and it does build up over time but not that bad. The spray I use for shine and hydration which is OGX Coconut Oil Mist. I don’t have a picture of the Olive Oil but I use that as I let my hair air dry for a day or so. 

How I wash my hair is harder than it used to be. I have to do it in the bathtub with a pillow on the floor for my knees. I used to stand up and do it in the kitchen sink with the sprayer but that sink isn’t working that well. I pick a day when I have nothing planned usually every two weeks. Maybe more and I do my wash routine. Doesn’t take long. I put it in four ponytails until I can get finished or more time. This week I am going to blow dry it sense I have never blow dried my natural hair. I would like to see if it will lay down so I can wrap it or make two puffs. Haven’t decided yet.

It’s not washed yet because I was about to dye it Strawberry Blonde but we are using the powder. A bit more complicated. But I have an appointment tomorrow and spent the day with my daughter. We had fun and after she went to bed, I spent some time with her father. Quality time. 

I am rebraiding my hair right now. 19 braids with two left. I can wear a braid out or a matching scarf to my shirt. Will see how it looks later on. May wear it braided for a day. The usual. Once I wash it, I try to braid it in big block braids that are easy to maintain. But I need time to do it. A lot of appointments coming up for me and my daughter. 

To wash, I use what is below first. I stand and get on the floor. Takes about an half hour with the two conditioners. Then I add the 3rd conditioning treatment. A masque that stays on 30 minutes. I follow that with a 15 minute masque and rinse. Part it in four ponytails and put the Olive Oil on it. Leaves it butter soft and easy to comb. 

Even though my hair is a bit dirty, I haven’t used too many products. Time to wash what I did use in it out. Trying a new product for twist, wrap or roll. I will post about it when I see the results. I am tired with two braids left and 1 hour and 15 minutes before I have to get up. I should be fine. Taking a nap before I go to the doctor and I have a snack. 


We should all quit doing it and we know that. I smoke a specific type of cigars that are Lady like. I smoke Lex 12 Nappa Nights and Al Capone Cognac dipped no filter in the pack. Both of these you can get online, but they sell Al Capone Cognac dipped no filter cigars at the store. $10 a pack. My other cigars they only sell online. When I run out of Lex 12 Nappa Nights cigars, I used to smoke Black & Milds. Now I pay the money and no more Black & Milds because they make me have a chronic cough that isn’t that bad but it is there and shouldn’t be. No other cigars or cigarettes make me cough like that. Plus I smoke a little bit extra anyway.

I hate to cough because I have Dystonia and it hurts when I cough. I have an inhaler for shortness of breath but not Asthma like my daughter has a breathing machine if she gets a cough plus antibiotics and steroids. We both have allergies and some smoke is too thick for her. It makes her cough. I hooked an old air purifier up for both of us. It makes us cold but still works. It just needs to be cleaned. It we suck the smoke out the room completely.

I also smoke Medical Marijuana for relaxing the muscles. I had some early and now I am very relaxed mentally and physically. I surely can’t smoke around my child. Have to wait until bedtime. She is 7 and goes to bed around 10:00pm. This air purifier got me shaking but I need to put on some pants. Legs cold.

That was easy but I had to run down the stairs and back to use the bathroom. Out of breath but not to bad. I had to get a Pepsi since I was downstairs. I can only drink 2 a day. After that I am stickly water. Pop give me energy. Too much sometimes but it works. For dry mouth I got to drink something. The amount of meds I am taking makes my mouth stay dry. I need the Biotene gum or just Biotene period. The spray is easy to find online. It’s popular.

I can’t smoke anything right now. With my daughter and my Husband relaxing. And I can breathe good right now. Did my Buddhist thing this morning and afternoon. I know you not supposed to smoke like this. I would never call myself an actual Buddhist because I am redoing the online course. As time permits. Plus I am writing a book of poetry written by me. Kinda busy right now. Won’t be able to post everyday but this blog did good the first time and is doing good now. It’s the same name but different Profile and was easy to make. I am still adding as much as I need in the menu.

Going to the doctor tomorrow with my hair like this. Just need to spray some oil in it. 1 year and 4 months of growth in that picture. My family likes it like this.